Casebook : Episode 1

Casebook : Episode 1

Can you find the Birchermann children?

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Product Overview Casebook : Episode 1

The Birchermann kids have it rough. Their mother's dead, their father Larson's struggling with his demons - and now they've been kidnapped. You and Detective Burton are first on the scene, but untangling this one's going to be ... interesting.

Harry and Greta were stolen in the middle of the night - someone climbed in their window, destroyed a birdcage, and left with the kids. Who was it? Larson's not telling you everything, his new wife's a soap star, and then there's the nanny...

First things first. Start in their bedroom, look for evidence of the kidnapper, see where the trail leads. From urban castles to industrial hideaways, junkyards to forgotten bomb shelters, find the kids before their time - and yours - runs out.

Casebook : Episode 1

  • Figure out who's telling the truth, and who's got something to hide
  • Explore fully 3D photoreal crime scenes
  • Track the kidnapper with cutting-edge technology
  • Play forensic puzzles and mini-games
  • Bring the Birchermann kids bac

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