Chateau Garden

Chateau Garden

Create a romantic chateau garden!

Match 3
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Product Overview Chateau Garden

When the stern Baron read out the will, the princess was delighted at first: The beautiful chateau had been bequeathed to her. However, the inheritance was tied to a certain condition: First she had to restore the unkempt and overgrown chateau garden. In this enchanting Match 3 game for garden lovers you create a romantic chateau garden for the princess.

The Match 3 levels will let you play with roses, mirrors and royal jewellery. And you can look forward to testing your mettle in a total of 80 levels with Bubble Shooter and Puzzle gameplay. That way you can earn enough money to create a wonderful garden. You set up statues and golden fountains and create an ornamental lawn to make your garden as amazing as possible.

Of course, lush herbaceous borders are a must. You plant blooming bushes and precision-trimmed boxtrees and put fragrant potted plants everywhere. As soon as the Baron sees the garden in all its glory, the princess will finally get her chateau!

Chateau Garden

  • Create a romantic chateau garden
  • Enchanting plants and décor for your garden
  • Play with flowers and royal treasures
  • 80 challenging levels
  • Four helpful extras
  • Innovative Match 3 gameplay
  • Bubble Shooter and Puzzle elements
  • Beautiful Full HD graphics

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