Diner Dash - Flo on the Go

Diner Dash - Flo on the Go

Diner fun a gogo!

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Product Overview Diner Dash - Flo on the Go

Here we go for another round with Flo at top speed who's more than ever devoted to her customers! Impatient tourists, noisy cell-phone addicts, demanding families: satisfying them all turns into a real challenge but nothing can stop Flo!
Seat the customers, take their orders, serve them cocktails while they wait and be attentive to all: observation and reactivity will be your best assets as you go along.
Improve the restaurant's decoration, choose your outfit as your wardrobe extends, and make good use of the new items which add a little spice to the task (baby chairs, mop, etc...): The Diner Dash saga will keep you going!

Diner Dash - Flo on the Go

  • 9 different kinds of customers
  • 5 new restaurants
  • Flo's wardrobe

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