The Trials of Olympus

The Trials of Olympus

Help Angelo collect the resources to build his palace of wonder!

Match 3
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Product Overview The Trials of Olympus

An epic trilogy that tells the tale of Angelo, once a talented god of Olympus, exiled to Earth for falling in love with a human woman, Princess Amara. Banished to the mortal realm, Angelo must prove his worth to the Grecian king by building a majestic palace in the dark and muddy wastelands. If he succeeds, he will earn the princess' hand in marriage.

It won't be easy to impress the king. Angelo must draw from his experience as architect of the gods to create the most stunning palace anyone has ever seen. This time, he can't rely on his immortal powers. He'll have to gather the gems and build the palace with his own two hands.

Can Angelo complete the palace to earn the king's favor? Will he be able to marry his true love? Will the gods forgive his actions and allow him to return to Olympus? In The Trials of Olympus, help Angelo collect the resources he needs to build his palace of wonder.

Only the best materials will work for this masterpiece, including the purest gold, jewels, and Eterna and Infinity gems. Search the five beautiful but dangerous corners of the kingdom to help Angelo on his quest, outwitting and defeating powerful Titans and ferocious creatures at every turn.

The Trials of Olympus

  • Epic story and atmosphere based on mythological figures and settings!
  • 79 challenging match-3 levels!
  • 20 upgrades to build an extraordinary Olympian palace never before seen!
  • 5 unique, challenging worlds to conquer! Original music compositions with Roman and Celtic stylings!

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